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So… i’ve done a couple of mini-talks at TED in the past. For my last year attending TED in person I offered them the Lego talk I originally did at Ignite and they gave me a slot.

The part they edited out is that after I left the stage, a stagehand came and removed the TED logo I built from the set. The audience booed so much that the stagehand came out and put back my little Lego construction to the audience’s applause. That was pretty cool. :)

I also gave the MOC to the TED folks to put in their office. No idea if they did or not.

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  • Awesome talk! Last weekend I filmed the TEDx American Riviera event for work! Thats really cool you did this presentation! (you should have gotten more time though…)

    Response on 19 Oct 2010 at 3:42 pm by Tory -

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