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Two years ago I left my job to found a startup with two friends. We make stuff for the web. Last year, when we marked one year of startupping, we got some cool commemorative fountain pens. This year, Recently we celebrated our second anniversary and I had to come up with a new gift. Lego of course. I spent a few sessions in Lego Digital Designer and put together a vignette starring the three of us doing what we do at work on a replica of the user interface for the first website we built. It’s a little abstract, but the pictures should help.

The first website we built is a virtual flower site. On the home page the flowers scroll by. My partner Walter who writes all our code is pulling the flowers to animate them across the screen. My partner Jenny who designs all our software is climbing the ladder to arrange the flowers in the display. And since I do all the business stuff, I am sitting at my desk using my laptop (surfing the web while Jenny and Walter do actual work).

As part of the gift we did a group build. I had hoped we could see who would guess what the finished model would look like first. Jenny guessed in 10 seconds so that didn’t quite work out. Also, the printed instructions from LDD are horrible. I tried making my own printed instructions from screenshots but they were only marginally better.

Couple of other notes. That’s a “2” in front (not a Z thank you very much) to commemorate our second anniversary. And the only part seen here that’s not in the LDD standard complement is Jenny’s black hair. All they had was brown. (And the string Walter’s using to pull the flowers.)

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